Random Musings Of The Female Mind

Musings on Sexuality.

  Let me start this post by saying Hello it’s been a while. I had stepped away from my keyboard and blogging, but after being told in person that someone enjoyed my writing and asked for more, I am back!... Continue Reading →

Musings on the Female Body

Hello, I'm back from an overly long self-imposed hiatus. What event has bought me out of semi retirement I hear you ask? Well as the eagle eyed readers among you will have noticed that the title of this post, mentions... Continue Reading →

Musings on the Upskirting Campaign

  What is Upskirting? Is the question which most readers will ask. To put it simply it is an act which involves someone taking unauthorized photos up someone’s skirt. The act itself is in my opinion violating and disgusting and... Continue Reading →

The Lion King~ A feminist perspective!

Before I begin my feminist critique of Disney’s classic film The Lion King, I must first explain how and why I decided to write this seemingly slightly odd review: It was a rainy Tuesday night in March, myself and a... Continue Reading →

Eating Disorders

For many younger people eating disorders are a huge issue. I myself suffer from an eating disorder and have for nearly 10 years – thankfully I have never severely damaged my health to the point of hospitalisation. But as the... Continue Reading →

Relationships and Literature Part 2

Sorry it's late, but exams mean that I'm a little behind on everything! Part 2 Sorry for the massive time shift, but 2013 was a pretty uneventful year relationship wise and the start of 2014 is a time that I... Continue Reading →

Relationships and literature part 1

I’ve recently started reading “Paper Towns” by John Green, and it struck me how much teenage literature is based around the general theme of love and relationships. I appreciate the fact that 90% of literature is about love (or a... Continue Reading →

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